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Does your child frequently struggle to calm down, regulate their emotions, fall asleep, or sit and concentrate on

Are they STUCK ON going 100 mph all day every day?

Or do they really struggle to maintain focus, remember things, follow directions, and keep everything together?

Have you already tried multiple forms of therapy, diet changes, and dozens of supplements?

Have you even tried medications to help your child be better calm, concentrated, and focused?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then this Online Broadcast is for you.

The Perfect Storm is hosted by the non-profit National Wellness Foundation and will feature a very special presentation by Nationally Recognized Pediatric Expert, Dr. Tony Ebel, DC.

He’ll walk you step-by-step through the science of the “storm” and how there is an absolute essential “missing link” to it all that is rarely discussed in any books, blogs, or doctor’s offices… but for thousands of families now has become the critical missing link they were always searching for!

Join Dr. Tony & The National Wellness Foundation to learn more!

WATCH ONLINE – Get your login link here:


Dr. Tony dives deep into the Science behind WHY so many kids struggle to sleep, focus, concentrate, handle
transitions, and more.

We know so many parents stay up late every night searching for WHY their child still struggles . Find those answers here!
We’ll give you step-by-step help that you can use to start making a difference for your child IMMEDIATELY.

Together we help you learn how to MINIMIZE the tough days and MAXIMIZE the good days for your child at
home and school.


Parents who’s children always seem “stuck on the gas pedal” and struggle to calm down, stay focused, concentrate, sleep and more.

Families who want to see their kids reach their full potential and be successful at school and at home, and do so
without the use of drugs and medications.

Teachers, Therapists and other Professionals who work with kids and are looking for answers as to why so many
struggle so much in today’s world.

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Join Dr. Matt for part 2 of Kick the Sick as he goes deeper and explains how to boost your immune system this season and prevent illness! He’ll explain exactly how the immune system works- including the two sides of immune response and which one you want to boost to prevent illness, colds and feeling under the weather this fall/winter!

The BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Webinar will explain:

– exactly how your immune system learns to be healthy

– how to promote a healthy system and what “healthy” looks like

– explaining the component that has made up the “cold & flu” season & how to avoid them

– how to prevent your family from those pesky colds passing from one person to the next

– tips & tools for keeping kiddos (and yourself) feeling good and not missing school this fall/winter

– going through supplements, foods, and activities to help stay healthy and fight off colds in record time

Dr. Matt is excited to bring you the information that you won’t hear anywhere else! We know how frustrating it can be to have kiddos be sick and just how discouraging it is to see them struggle to fight off the illnesses, so join us for this WEBINAR to make sure your family stays healthy this fall/winter!

**This is a WEBINAR format- To view the Online Workshop you will simply need to go to our Facebook Page a little before 8:30pm. Make sure that you have LIKED and FOLLOWED us at Health Zone Chiropractic to get the notification we have gone LIVE.