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Behavior, Anxiety, ADHD, & Sensory Processing: Where do these things stem from?

ADHD & Sensory Processing Hot Topics:

  1. Dr. Matt is ready to explain, in-depth, to you what other providers haven’t! He is ready to help you understand your children’s struggles. Not only challenges on the outside but also the inside, we will help put together the information you need to help you understand why your child is struggling with attention, hyperactivity, sensory overwhelm, sleep or mood (anger/frustration), and chronic illness.
  2. You’ll receive the step-by-step help you can use to start making a difference for your child immediately in order to minimize tough days and maximize good days for your child.
  3. The proof is in the parents, who have been where you are. During the webinar, we will share stories of other children who are no longer struggle with sensory meltdowns, attention, hyperactivity, immunity issues, and sleeping issues! Sharing their stories so you can see the potential for your child as well!

Who should listen and watch?

  • Parents who are looking for the answer to help their child’s development, school grades, focus, attention, meltdowns, mood and sleep!
  • Parents who have a child that has been labeled as ADHD, SPD, Anxiety or ASD.
  • Family members who are concerned for a loved one they care for.
  • Professionals who serve children age 0-18.

This is an in-depth explanation with plenty of information and time for questions and answers about your child’s specific challenges. Dr. Matt suggests both Moms & Dads watch, as well as friends and loved ones in order to absorb as much of the tips and tools as possible. Dr. Matt has 11 years of experience presenting this material to parents looking for answers and each time he is surprised by comments from parents. Whether it is the expression of gratitude for finally understanding why their child has the challenges they do or wondering why other providers don’t explain this in the first place. Whatever the reaction, Dr. Matt is honored to be a resource for families in need!

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