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Join Dr. Matt Dirkse, an expert in pediatric and family care, for a life-changing and practical workshop.

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When: Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00 pm

Where: Health Zone Chiropractic

1207 S. Beechtree St.

Grand Haven, MI 49417

We get it parents! You’re exhausted!

You’ve removed gluten, tried rewards charts, started therapies and yet nothing seems to consistently help. You get excited about seeing some progress, but your kiddo seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back.

Sensory Processing, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and all “Perfect Storm” challenges are continuing to increase at an unheard-of rate and so have the options on how to help.

You search google at all hours of the night, read through Facebook groups, talk with other parents, reach out to the professionals and receive a sea of information that just becomes completely overwhelming.

Making diet changes makes sense on paper, but it’s nearly impossible when you’ve got a kiddo who is so stuck in fight-or-flight because all they want is more carbs, more sugar, and more electronics.

It’s constant meltdowns, tantrums, battles over homework, impossible bedtimes, and endless behavioral and emotional regulation challenges.

Some of you may feel like you are at your breaking point, but don’t lose hope quite yet because there is a way to calm the storm. Dr. Matt can help guide your kiddo down the path to optimal potential. Where there are more smiles, increased communication, better health, and true happiness!

Come join us June 25th to learn more about the Perfect Storm and how we can help! We look forward to meeting you!

Who should attend?

PARENTS if your child has a diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental disorder (ASD, ADHD, SPD) OR you feel your child is struggling with focus, anxiety, sleep or behavior and emotional challenges.

PROFESSIONALS anyone that works with kiddos such as teachers, social workers, therapists, doctors, etc.

Please note: As much as we would love to meet your kiddos, this workshop night is for adults only. So, parents find yourselves a sitter and take a night off while gathering some pretty fantastic information! Hope to see you there! Thank you!

Is there hope? We think so!

Meet Flynn

Flynn’s daily struggles with constant fear and OCD about certain things from bugs to bad weather were debilitating at times. That coupled with a lot of anxiety, sensory processing disorder, sleep issues, autism-like challenges, transitions, anger, constant worry, and social-emotional delays affected his day-to-day life. But those hard days started to fade when they found the type of care that his brain and body needed!

They had tried OT, psychiatry, behavioral intervention, detoxing his body, and other natural remedies including chiropractic before making their way here to a Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractor. As a last resort after scrolling Facebook, mom was intrigued how care from a pediatric chiropractor trained to heal the vagus nerve could help Flynn!

“We’ve been to several chiropractors, and none have cared so much. You all offer so much more than just basic chiropractic and we are so thankful we found you! We saw changes in 1 week!”

And now, with consistent care “Flynn is thriving. He has friends is interested in everything around him and talks and communicates so well. He transitions better, has less ADHD and OCD, and the worry, fear and most anxiety are gone, completely gone!!

For 2 years, worry and fear controlled his every thought. It was debilitating to him and our entire family. He wouldn’t go outside and now he runs around the playground with his friends! His teachers have noticed a huge improvement.

All our family who interact with him say he’s a completely different kid! He laughs more, sings songs, and loves music.

He sleeps so much better and for the first time in his 8 ½ years of life is falling asleep on his own and in his own bed. He used to wake every night panicking if I wasn’t next to him and now he sleeps so soundly we have to wake him up every morning.

Flynn is happy and so much less stressed out. He used to use technology to escape and now it’s just for fun. Our holidays were the most relaxing they’ve ever been and we’ve reduced his med by 1/3.

The specific nervous system calming adjustments that Flynn was getting finally gave her the chance to get out of ‘fight or flight’ stress modeand into a more calm and regulated mode.

 Mom says. “He loves coming to Health Zone, all the staff, he trusts you all. So awesome. My momma heart is so happy for him and our family, HAPPY TEARS! Way to go Flynn!!

Meet Shelby

Shortly after Shelby’s diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder her parents found their way to a Perfect Storm Workshop in February of 2020. They were looking for anything and everything that could help their sweet little girl.

When we first met Shelby, this little girl was in meltdown city a majority of her day and with little to no speech it was super difficult to understand what she wanted or to calm her down. Transitioning from one thing to the next was so difficult that mom had to find a sitter to take Shelby so she could do simple things like go grocery shopping.

Shelby also had an extremely difficult time falling asleep at night, mom and dad tried everything! From turning off all electronics well before bedtime, using melatonin and magnesium gummies, sticking to a rigid routine, and nothing seemed to consistently help her fall asleep. They even saw a sleep specialist and he couldn’t even provide them with any help. Shelby was eventually prescribed medication to help her sleep.

Therapies such as OT and speech were limited for Shelby during the first 9 months of her chiropractic journey due to shutdowns as a result of Co-vid. It was during this time that she was able to receive focused chiropractic care and the results completely blew her parents minds. Chiropractic care was the “glue” they had been missing and once they combined that with an amazing team of therapists, teachers and paraprofessionals, Shelby is rocking life!

Mom said meltdowns are far and few between and she is much easier to calm down and regulate. Shelby’s speech is growing every day and mom says it’s becoming easier to communicate with her and understand what she needs. Shelby is off her prescription medication and is able to fall asleep on her own! Mom and Dad are still working on her staying asleep all night, but being able to fall asleep on her own is a HUGE WIN!

We are so proud of Shelby and all the progress she has made! We look forward to seeing this sweet little rambunctious girl grow and reach her full potential!

Meet Geino

Geino’s mom found out about pediatric chiropractic care back in 2018! She attended one of our Perfect Storm workshops and decided that starting care was worth a try. When we first met Geino he had lots of fluid buildup in his ears, would swipe things off tables and mom said if he saw her coming towards him with a toothbrush it was an instant meltdown.

Mom was super concerned about this little dude having hearing loss. He was failing hearing tests, so they put tubes in his ears. Plus, mom was also totally anxious when it came to going places. She never knew what he would find to knock off the tables or walls wherever they went.

Fast forward 5 years and this kid’s life has changed so much! It has been 4 years without tubes or fluid in his ears and he calmly lets them test his hearing! Which he now passes with flying colors! Mom even says that he has fewer swiping incidents, and she can fully brush his teeth with zero meltdowns!

We are so proud of this little dude! Keep up the good work Geino!

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