Kids and Prescription Drugs

According to an August, 2013 release from the University of Michigan News Service, 83.4% of teens that were prescribed drugs during the last 6 months had unsupervised access to them at home, likely increasing the risk of overdose, substance abuse and drug diversion.

The teens’ had free access to their own prescription drugs, specifically pain, stimulant, anti-anxiety and sedative drugs that are federally controlled.  Researchers said the findings were alarming given that the respondents were in the 8th and 9th grades with a mean age of 14.1 years.

“The lack of parental supervision and proper storage of medicines prescribed to adolescents may facilitate (their) nonmedical use of these medications, putting them at risk for poisoning or overdose,” said the study’s lead author Paula Ross-Durow, a researcher at the U-M Institute for Research on Women and Gender.

Without proper storage or supervision, teens might be more likely to give or sell them to others, the researchers said.

Yet, isn’t there a potentially bigger issue here?

Perhaps if the parent is blasé about their teens access to drugs…is it possible that the same parent may be also blasé about their child’s nutrition, exercise, friends, sleep habits and more?

Isn’t it time for more parents to set better lifestyle examples for their children by taking the appropriate steps to grow their family’s health rather than attempt to drug the problems poor lifestyle choices cause?